Steve Carr is an independent artist who writes, performs and produces all of his own music. Coming from Plainfield, IL a small suburb outside of Chicago, Steve uses his life experiences and inspirations of music to bring a positive vibe to all those around him. His lyrics focus on the realities of everyday life in order to bring people together all while sticking true to his hard rock/metal roots. Through hard work and determination Steve brings a unique breath of life into the metal scene.

Steve has been playing and writing music since he was 12 years old. In 2011 he started recording his first official demos. In 2012 he released his first track to help raise money for a family to help aid in the search for their missing daughter. With this first official release Steve has made it his mission to use his music to help others through connection and charity events. In pursuit of his passion for music, Steve decided to also take the avenue of Audio Production in order to help others bring to life their musical creations. He completed his Master Certificate in Audio Production at Berklee College of Music in the summer of 2014 and is currently working towards his Bachelor’s degree in that field. In 2014 Steve became the drummer of a local cover band named “Nobodyz Business” to entertain local audiences while he builds his own musical destiny as an independent artist with his own original music. Early 2015, Steve is set to release his first self-produced album “Elements of Life”. The journey is only just beginning as he pursues his passion to use his music to help others get through the daily struggles of life.


Artist Statement

As a musician, it is my goal to inspire, entertain and make my audience forget the stresses that come with everyday life to feel better whenever my work is heard. I share my life experiences in a way that anyone can apply the lyrics and music to events in their life. Sometimes people think they may be the only ones who have gone through something, but the message I want to spread is that there is always someone who has gone through a hard time and that there are always ways to get through it. I want my music to be encouraging all while I stay true to my hard rock roots.

When I start my musical writing, it starts with the lyrics.I will write lyrics down as I experience certain events in my life. These lyrics always come from what’s deep within. I write in a way that I know those who hear them will be able to connect and I usually finish with some kind of positive outcome. I will then create a musical piece separately and find the lyrics that I feel best connect with the music. The music is based on feeling also. What I may be feeling as I sit down and write, molds how the musical pieces comes to life. Once those two elements are there I will piece everything together like a puzzle and add or remove parts until it all fits and gets the message across in its most sincere form.

Currently I am taking a Bachelor Degree program for Audio Production at Berklee College of Music. Through the writing and recording of my music, I became interested in the Audio Production side of music. Through taking the Degree program at Berklee College of Music, I would like to eventually be able to open my own studio to help other local independent artists be able to have an affordable and professional environment to get the best sound out of their musical creations as possible as it will also help me as I self-produce my own work to deliver the best representation of the music I create to inspire others with.

“Always follow your dreams.  It takes hard work and persistence. Eventually, you will get to where you envisioned yourself.” –Steve

Send me an email if you live near the Plainfield, IL area and wish to have your music produced.
Thank you for visiting the website and listening to my music.

***Below are my Certifications for Audio Production & Pro Tools from Berklee College of Music and AVID.